Monday, March 30, 2009

The miles start to increase

After a week of being out of town it was time to start racking up the miles. March and April are supposed to be my build phase of the training so I need to ramp up the miles. Then really pound them out in May.

Monday: 57 miles with some long intervals at slow RPM's 69 degrees
Wednesday: 68 miles at an endurance pace
Thursday: 73 mile group ride at tempo pace
Friday: 33 miles easy
Saturday: 40 miles at endurance pace 35 degrees
Sunday: 60 miles group ride at tempo
Total: 331

Saturday I needed to do more intervals but with the temperature 35, cloudy, damp and windy I did not feel like getting hot and sweaty. It was all I could do to get out of the house and ride. The only good thing was that it was not snowing when I rode.

After riding Sunday my legs were a little tired. Re-evaluate my training I realize that I need to back off my miles during the week and focus on a really long ride on the weekend. Still trying to stay around 300 miles a week. All I am getting out of 50-60 miles each day is tired legs. I need to be able to ride 100 comfortably and build that up through May.

On April 11th the Big Dogs are doing a 200K from LeClaire. The route goes up to Bellevue and back so it will include many climbs. This will be a good test to see where the fitness it at this time.


Chad Bishop said...

I like your blog, because it like peaking into the mind of someone who is insane and/or severely addicted to cycling. I believe you will enjoy an increase in readership, as the word gets out, and people begin to realize just how determined you are.

I did two indoor workouts on sunday, totaling over three hours, and it didn't even cross my mind to go outside, considering Kent park had just been cancelled that morning, and I couldn't handle looking at the snow. I am impressed.

Larry Ide said...

See you at the 200km Joe. You bringing wiford. Check out Twitter. paul and I joined. It's pretty cool. Your crew could use it to update you RAW ride.

PJC said...

I hear the plan is to use Twitter for RAAM this year so it might be good to check it out. I added my Twitter feed to my blog. Not working seamlessly but you can get to it from the blog. Long drive for me for the 200K so I probabaly won't make it.