Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caleb is a Junior in High School at Muscatine High School. He spent his entire Spring Break this year in Quetzeltenango Guatemala. This was a Missions Trip with Calvary Church in Muscatine. The team spent many hours sanding desks for a couple of schools in the City so the schools could salvage the desks. Our high school kids also spent time playing with the children of the school. Caleb enjoys being around kids and has been very active throughout his high school years volunteering with the Kids Zone program every weekend at Church. His passion for children is incredible.

Caleb's next "training trip" is to Liberia May 14-22 as part of a missions trip. He once again gets to hang out with kids and help out at a school that our church supports. Watch for updates and photos the end of May.

Caleb brings lots of enthusiasm, energy, and creativity to the team. He looks forward to "crewing for Dad" and claims he will be a great "Pumper and Filler" (pumping up tires and filling water bottles). I'm sure he will also have a crack at updating the web site for your viewing pleasure.

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