Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RAAM 2010 comes to an end for Paul

Paul Carpenter's 2010 RAAM attempt came to an end 10 miles east of El Dorado Kansas at mile 1612 of the race. We had a great day yesterday covering 330 miles in 22 hours to try to make up some time before we get to the time cut-off at the Mississippi River. The cut-off is 3:00 pm Eastern time on Thursday. This morning Roger, Sam and myself headed out at 7:15 and right away we could tell that it was not going to be our day. After 7 miles Paul pulled over and could not even get clipped out of his peddles due to knee problems. A 15 minute break and some ice did nothing for the pain. We got him back on the bike for a few miles of alone time on the course before loading him into the van and going back to El Dorado.
Paul is very pleased with his accomplishments and is not disappointed with his effort. We probably pushed a little far yesterday but that was needed as a last ditch effort to be an official finisher.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catching Up

It has been a few days since I updated other then a quick call to my wife.

We had a long day through the Rockies with Paul riding 218 miles that included three passes over 9500 feet with Wolf creek pass being the tallest at 10,800. This pass is where Des Moines cyclist Bob Breedlove was killed during RAAM. We managed to dodge the heavy rains over the passes and got him into South Fork, Alamosa and La Veta. The climb to La Veta was harder then it looked and really took it out of him. He rolled into Trinidad at 1:30 am and was shot. 3 and 1/2 hours sleep later we had him on the road and it was not a pretty sight.
Our average speed heading towards Kim was about 12-13. This was slightly downhill section and we figured we would move along pretty good. Paul was really struggling and it took quite a bit to keep him moving down the road. We bribed him with candy and gum, gave him some short breaks and even took a nap in Kim but nothing was working. Shortly after Kim it was decided that we would stop at Springfeild CO, just short of the TS in Walsh and get 8 hours of sleep before pushing on early in the morning. This decision was going to put us behind the time schedule cut-off but there is no "official" cut-off until Maryland so we would have to push harder after the long break but that would be better then the alternatives. It was our last ditch effort to finish this race. The sleep did him wonders as he headed out this morning as a new man. We were 12 hours behind schedule and we cannot afford another long break and still finish the race.

Hopefully now that we are out of the mountains we can get more updates in a timely fashion.

Paul Carpenter - 51 Years Young

Wolf Creek Pass


The picture of Wolf Creek Pass shown above was a pass in Colorado that Paul went through on Sunday. It was beautiful.....grueling for him....but beautiful!! And today ----- Oh what a difference a day......and sleep.....makes!! On Monday, Paul was in Colorado and it took approximately 9 hours to ride 100 miles. Not a very good day unfortunately. It was tough for him. His legs just had a hard time getting the pedals to churn. The decision was made that Paul would stop and sleep 8 hours and see how he felt after that. So about 20 miles away from the Kansas border, Paul and the entire crew stopped. Paul quickly fell asleep while the crew fed themselves. At about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, the crew woke Paul and it was a new day!! And was it a new day! Paul is making great time today! His first 100 miles were completed in 6 hours and that was with 45 minutes off the bike. The crew that started following him is being referred to as "The Dog Pound". I'm not sure how this crew got it's name. This 3-person crew consists of Jay Yost, Tim Richardson, and Chris Mann. Sounds like Paul had a great breakfast from good old McDonalds. He had a sausage McMuffin AND a McGriddle. Mmmmm. Did that do wonders. He has been motoring ever since. So far today (Tuesday) they have made it through Time Station 22 (Walsh, Colorado); TS #23 (Ulysses, KS); and TS #24 (Montezuma, KS). They plan to push through Time Station #25 which is Greensburg, KS. This is where a tornado flattened the town about 3 years ago and it is being completely rebuilt. Also, Paul hopes to make it through Time Station @26 Pratt (where riders eat for free at Starvin Marvin's BBQ) and then Time Station #27 in Maize, KS (suberb of Wichita); and land at the town of El Dorado where they will his Time Station #28. That will be over 325 miles today which is much different than the 120 miles he rode yesterday.

Some other meals Paul has enjoyed have included double cheesburgers, strawberry shakes, PayDay bars. Yesterday he really didn't even want to drink any water. He drank some sparkling water but that is about it. Didn't want any perpetuem (which is a Hammer Nutrition product) but today is back on the perpetuem too.

We hope to continue to report good news for our rider.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RAAM Day 1 on the Books

At 2:33 pm central time Paul left Oceanside bound for Annapolis. The start was a time trial style at 1 minute intervals. The RAW riders went first then the RAAM riders with the rookies leading off followed by seniority with Jure going last.
The sun came out as we headed out with temps in the upper 70's. Sam, Roger and I were up first in the follow vehicle. The first 20 miles there is no support, the next 35 miles is limited leap frog support areas, at 7:00 pm local time we can do follow support. Leap frog is tough because you are in and out of the van about every 20 minutes.
Paul was strong up the big climbs up to Lake Henshaw and to the descent at the Glass elevator at around 4500 feet. The glass elevator is a 9 percent descent that takes the rider from 4500 feet to the desert floor at 200 feet. Starting the descent the temperature was 74 and by the time we got to the bottom it was 99. The van could not keep up with the bikes on the descent and the brakes were a little hot by the time we got down.
The wind was pretty favorable through the night and even switched from the south as we headed north to Blythe to meet the rest of the crew for a scheduled exchange at 2:00 AM. Our crew had been working for 14 hours but were still pretty pumped. Paul took a shower and 45 minute nap before heading out with Joe and Rose Mary Jamison and Susie. The three of us then slept from 4:00 to 7:00 before breakfast, laundry, vehicle change with Tim, Jay and Chris.
Paul rode strong through the night and was eating and drinking very well. He switched from his Cervelo to the Felt in Brawly to see if he could get more comfortable. It seemed to help but his "back side" is still his biggest concern. He has been changing shorts about every 100 miles and cleaning and lubing regularly to stay on top of his bottom.
Please post comments and we will read them to Paul during the night.