Monday, March 2, 2009

Now it is Time To Get Serious

We finally decided on a team name. Mann Powered. The official RAAM media guide will have us listed under that name. The solos don't have to have a team name but we thought it would be more fun to have one. Connie is finishing up on the shirt design. On the back will list some of the stats from the ride and the RAW slogan "this ain't no tour" which I think is a great slogan.

Above is the profile to the first time station(TS1)of the race. You can see why they say "this ain't no tour". I have to go through 18 Time stations all together. They vary in length from 54 miles to 88 miles. The distance to the first TS is 54 miles with over 6000 feet of climbing. If you push too hard up these first climbs it will make for a long three and half days.

With less than four months until the race the serious training needs to start. For the next 10-12 weeks the intensity is going to increase along with the miles. Each week will consist of two days of long interval workouts plus 1 or 2 hill climbing work outs. The weekends will consist of at least one long ride. In addition each month I need to complete a 200+ mile ride with a couple of 300 plus mile days in May. The 200 mile, 11,000 feet of climbing Balltown Classic on May 30th will be my last training ride.

Last week the legs finally started coming back. Mike and I rode 50 on Tuesday at a nice social pace and then Bill Ford joined us on Wednesday for another 50 mile ride this time at a quicker pace. The weather was great but my legs were a little cooked by the time I got home on Wednesday. Sunday I ventured out by myself for five repeats of Funk's hill. It wasn't too bad of a day to be outside riding, unless you are a indoor obsessed roller junkie, (no offense).

The pie sales are moving right along. Last night she baked pie number 70. A big thanks to all who have purchased pies. She has made many different kinds of pies so far and it is not too late to place your order. At $13 it is a great price. If you are intersested e-mail Connie as

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