Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is gettting closer

At least there were three nice days this week. It kind of spoils you and you want the nice weather all the time. I have to keep remembering that is is not even the middle of March.

Workouts for the week:
Tuesday: 22 miles, 7 min intervals at 275 watts 175 bpm with 5 minute rest repeated 3times on indoor trainer
Wednesday: Tempo ride to New Boston 150-160 bpm
Thursday: 50 mile back and out to Bennett. Headwind back and tailwind with Eric and Connie back. I had driven the van up so they had a tailwind ride.
Friday: 41 miles easy at 140 bpm to West Liberty and back. Rode in aero bars to whole ride
Sunday: 34 miles of hills on indoor trainer.

Thursday was a great day. The forecast was for strong winds out of the south. After work I left home and drove north to Bennett. The plan was to ride back to Muscatine into the wind and meet Eric and Connie for the second half of the ride with the wind. As I neared Muscatine the wind started to die down. What was 28 MPH gusts turned into 10 MPH. At least it was still near 70 degrees as we headed north at 5:00. It was getting pretty dark as we rode into Bennett at 6:15 so I was glad I had my flasher and reflective vest. The temps had also dropped to 56. We were all dressed for 70 so we got a little chilled. Connie had brought along some money so we grabbed a snack at the C-store before driving home.

I had hope to get a century in Saturday or Sunday but the weather did not cooperate. I don't mind getting caught in the rain but starting out in the rain is not for me. Next weekend looks promising for a long ride before I am off to New York for the week.

As I was looking at the web sites of the RAAM riders I stumble across the web site for Dave Goggins. He is a Navy Seal that competes in ultra-runs and has signed up for RAAM as another way to see how far he can push himself. His story will motivate you to push yourself beyond what you thought possible. Check him out at

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