Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well, here goes nothing.

There is nothing left to do to get ready for Sebring except pack and drive.

The weather this last week provided some great opportunities to get out and put in some miles. I was able to get 40 in Thursday and Friday, 70 on Saturday and 33 on Sunday. Sunday's 70 felt pretty good. We had a really nice group of six including Chris who got out for the first time in a couple months.

This week will be spent cleaning the bike, packing and a few final preperations before leaving at 4:45 am Thursday morning. Hopefully we will be in Florida by 10:00 pm. We are hoping to get a nice ride in Friday afternoon in the warm weather to make sure everything still works.

I really don't have any "stretch" goals for the race. I would like to get 400 miles. The record for the draft legal category at my age is 426. If things fall into place I think the record is within reach. I am banking on being able to draft offsetting my February conditioning.

The pie fund raiser for the race is going pretty good. Connie has made close to 60 pies so far and the orders keep trickling in. She figures she will bake until the end of April when the weather gets nice and she will want to spend more time outside instead of in the kitchen.

The next post will be post-Sebring.

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