Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring is in the Air?

What a nice surprise to be able to ride outside without freezing to death.

All week the forecast for Saturday and Sunday looked pretty good. Low 40's for Saturday and upper 30's for Sunday. You know it has been a long winter when you get excited and call your friends when the forecast is above freezing.

Wednesday they said Saturday was supposed to be breezy out of the west. Being the creative thinker I am I asked my wife if she wanted to go shopping in Williamsburg on Sunday. This would be by herself of course with me tail-winding home. By Thursday they had changed to forecast to be winds out of the south. She said she wouldn't mind shopping in Burlington. So I was set. The plan was to get 75-80 miles in non-stop. I took the Camelback, two water bottles and two pop-tarts.

We left home at 11:15 and headed south. By that time they were forecasting mid to upper 40's. When she dropped me off West of Burlington the van said it was 50 degrees with about 20 mph winds out of the south. Very sweet!!

I headed north through Yarmouth, Mount Union, Winfield, Columbus Junction, Conesville, Nichols and home. 80 miles total non-stop. As I got to Columbus Junction the wind started dying and so did I. In Nichols I started to feel like I was running on empty. I had to do a 4 miles loop close to home to get the 80 miles. Average speed 20.8 mph.

Sunday we had a group ride from Greg's house at 12:00. It was a rare weekend that Greg did not have any roller races on Sunday and could ride. Unfortunately he had some family commitments and could not ride anyway. The morning was damp and cloudy with a little breeze out of the west. Jon S, Doyley, Wiford, Chad, Bill Harper and I did a nice out and back to West Liberty. We had a tough time keeping Chad in line on the way out as the rest of us just wanted a nice group ride. The ride back was more under control. The sun finally popped out as we finished.

It was a good week mileage wise with 130 miles outside and 82 miles inside. The goal for this week is to get a century in this Saturday. The weather looks like it should cooperate.

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Chad Bishop said...

yeah, I needed some intervals sunday, as I took saturday off, and it seemed that most everyone else had gotten in some mileage or a workout on saturday, so your schedule called for a 'nice group ride' my schedule called for a high intensity ride... the question is, should I have ridden alone or on the trainer sunday, or went with the group, even though we had differing training goals? (rhetorical question)

I hope to be able to go on some sort of a ride Saturday or Sunday, keep me up to date if any high intensity group options are available. I have a tight schedule but the weather looks promising. Congrats on getting in a 200 mile week.