Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Cold Weather

As winter continues its firm grip on the mid-west riding outside becomes a mental challenge.  I have always thought that you do not have to be tough to ride outside in the cold.  You have to be tough to take the first step outside to ride.  I have all the clothes I need to keep me pretty warm during a chilly ride. After a couple days of riding in the sub-freezing temperatures it is hard to get the motivation to spend the 20-30 minutes getting everything out and dressed for the actual ride.  By contrast it only takes 2-3 minutes to be dressed and riding the trainer in the 70 degree basement. 

For this winter I would like to keep my outside miles above my inside miles.  That would be pretty easy if I just quit riding inside but I have mileage goals to meet each week so I don’t turn into a slacker.  The goal for the month is 785 miles and so far I am just a little ahead of schedule.

Weekly Miles: 210 miles (118 outside,92 inside)

Monday: 10 miles easy on rollers

Tuesday: 46 miles indoors

Wednesday: 20 miles easy on Velodyne

Thursday: 16 miles medium on Velodyne

Friday: 30 miles outside at medium tempo

Saturday: 38 miles cross bike on Gravel with Mike

Sunday: 43 miles cross bike on gravel

Sunday: 7 miles easy indoors

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