Monday, October 25, 2010

No-Nonsense Gravel Road Race

I will write my story later this week. Here is a link to Guitar Ted's write up to keep you entertained until I get mine typed.

In a nut shell:
I was in the lead group at mile 10.
Mile 15 we had gone 3 miles out of our way missing a turn.
Missed another turn at mile 20.
Three other riding companions.
Race turned into a ride the last 60 miles

90 mile ride turned into 111 finished at 4:35 AM
Felt great but suffered on the hills early
Great time, great event great night...really.
Would to it again in a hearbeat.

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J Fry said...

It was a pleasure riding with you. Let's hope for no rain/mud on Easter weekend... :) I'll get that map of what we rode to you.