Monday, July 19, 2010

600K Brevet 7/17 - 18

Saturday July 17th Ultra-Midwest (Big Dog's) hosted an RUSA sanctioned 600K brevet. The route was an extremely hilly out and back to Viroqua Wisconsin. Three of us headed out of Le Claire Iowa at 6:00 AM treated to a gorgeous Iowa sunrise. Whenever I start these long rides my mind immediately thinks about how long it will be before I am finished. The stretch goal was 24 hours with a more realistic goal of 26 hours.

The forecast was for hot, humid and possible storms during the night. The cue sheet showed limited re-fill and re-fuel stops along the route with even fewer chances for stops after the sun went down. Most of the forecast was correct as temperatures and humidity climbed quickly as the serious climbing started shortly after Savanah Illinois and north to the Illinois-Wisconsin border at a town called Apple River Illinios.

I made pretty good time, and pulled away from my riding companions by the 50 mile mark. I rolled into the turn around at 6:30 pm. Despite the heat and many climbs I was feeling pretty good considering I had just ridden 192.6 miles. 20 minutes later I was back on the road. In the first 12 1/2 hours I drank 480 ounces of liquid and still felt like I was a little dehydrated.

As the sun set I got a chance to use my Schmidt Dyno hub for the first time with my road bike. Descending is always a little scary at night especially if you are not familiar with the roads. There were more then a couple "nerve-racking" 40 mph downhills but with this light I was able to go down the hill like it was daylight. The Busch & Muller Lumitec Fly LED light only requires that you be going 1.5 mph for the light to be full brightness. This came in very handy as most of the 40 mph downhills were followed by 5 mph uphills.

By 5:00 am as the sun was rising my energy level was sinking. I staggered into Sabula around 5:30 with very little energy and motivation, not to mention I was getting sleepy. A quick 10 minute nap at the picnic table and a can of Mountain Dew provide a little energy to get me back on the road. The next 50 miles were pretty tough going. The wind had picked up slightly out of the south west (the direction I was going) and the rolling hills are endless.

I finally made it to Le Clarie at 9:50 am completely wiped out but satisfied that I had pushed through some pretty rough times and finished the ride.

19- 24 ounce bottles
3- 70 ounce camelbacks
66 ounces of Misc

12 fig newtons, 3 servings of Powerbar Gels, Turkey and ham Sandwich, Turkey Salad sandwich, Egg Salad Sandwich, 2 Salted Nutrolls, 2 Granola Bars, 3 servings of Hammer Perpetuam (280 calories), rice Krispy Bar, Slice of Pizza, Strawberry/Blueberry fruit cup, Ham and Cheese McMuffin. 46 S-Caps (about 400 mg of sodium).

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