Thursday, June 10, 2010

RAAM Day 1 on the Books

At 2:33 pm central time Paul left Oceanside bound for Annapolis. The start was a time trial style at 1 minute intervals. The RAW riders went first then the RAAM riders with the rookies leading off followed by seniority with Jure going last.
The sun came out as we headed out with temps in the upper 70's. Sam, Roger and I were up first in the follow vehicle. The first 20 miles there is no support, the next 35 miles is limited leap frog support areas, at 7:00 pm local time we can do follow support. Leap frog is tough because you are in and out of the van about every 20 minutes.
Paul was strong up the big climbs up to Lake Henshaw and to the descent at the Glass elevator at around 4500 feet. The glass elevator is a 9 percent descent that takes the rider from 4500 feet to the desert floor at 200 feet. Starting the descent the temperature was 74 and by the time we got to the bottom it was 99. The van could not keep up with the bikes on the descent and the brakes were a little hot by the time we got down.
The wind was pretty favorable through the night and even switched from the south as we headed north to Blythe to meet the rest of the crew for a scheduled exchange at 2:00 AM. Our crew had been working for 14 hours but were still pretty pumped. Paul took a shower and 45 minute nap before heading out with Joe and Rose Mary Jamison and Susie. The three of us then slept from 4:00 to 7:00 before breakfast, laundry, vehicle change with Tim, Jay and Chris.
Paul rode strong through the night and was eating and drinking very well. He switched from his Cervelo to the Felt in Brawly to see if he could get more comfortable. It seemed to help but his "back side" is still his biggest concern. He has been changing shorts about every 100 miles and cleaning and lubing regularly to stay on top of his bottom.
Please post comments and we will read them to Paul during the night.


Connie Mann said...

Paul - You are doing so well! I check your progress often throughout the day! Tonight you are doing some climbing. You are like a mountain goat!! I am reading a book about Navy SEALS called Lone Survivor. They focus on the present day and are told not to worry about the future - just make it through - one day at a time, one event at a time. So just focus on one Time Station at a time. Break it down that way. I have been watching you on some You Tube Videos. You are a STAR! Miss my guys but I'm sure Joe and Chris & everyone else are doing a great job for you. Keep smiling and keep pedaling!! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

Chad Bishop said...

This is a big deal for many, many reasons, congratulations on being ABLE to participate in such an amazing challenge.

Failure is not an option... just kidding, but seriously, keep on fighting.