Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flagstaff, AZ

Joe is on his way to Flagstaff. He had a very, very tough day! I can't tell you how many thousands of feet he climbed, including Yarnell Pass which I believe was an 8% grade for 8 miles. And it was hot too. It's all starting to run together after only a couple of hours of sleep for the crews last night. We keep telling ourselves that Joe hasn't had ANY sleep yet!! Twice today he was getting really tired - once was at 4 am. We played music over our loud speaker for him and gave him 2 pieces of Jolt gum which is like a cup of coffee. That really helped. Again he was getting tired this afternoon after Prescott. We gave him more gum and that helped. He missed a turn and we got him back on the right path. There were two climbs today that support was not allowed at all because of all the switchbacks and narrow roads. He is a real trooper. Chris and I left everyone at Cottonwood (one of the time stations) so we could come to Flagstaff and hopefully get at least 5 hours sleep. We have been up for 20 hours. I'm very nervous about Joe coming in to Flagstaff. We came up on 89A North I believe. It's beautiful in the daylight but I wouldn't want to climb in on a bike and especially not at night. At least with Eric and Caleb doing night support, it will be mandatory that they follow right behind him from 8 pm. He will need those headlights and the support! Crew is doing pretty good - tired, but hanging in there. I better call it a night and sleep while I can. Oh - almost forgot. Joe gets to sleep tonight, for a few hours anyway. I see the low in Flagstaff is about 42 degrees -- much, much colder than it has been so I'm not sure how tough it will be to get motivated and get out of bed to go ride. Thanks for reading the blog and for your support and prayers!!! In case you are wondering, it looks like Joe is in 2nd place, behind Dallas Morris by about 2 hours at this point.


Larry Ide said...

You guys are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work and tell Joe I said great riding and keep it up.

PJC said...

Echo Larry's comments. Keep pedaling Joe. Great work from the crew. Enjoy the stretch through Monument Valley--it's spectacular!


Sister/Susan said...

Awesome! Glad to know I can follow along and keep an eye on all of you on your journey! Keep up the good work Joe! You are so awesome!
My prayers and all my love are following along with you!


Julie and Mark said...

Go Joe Go! And support staff - you guys rock! 2 hours of sleep? I think we have killed each other by now!

Prayers for tailwinds, cool weather and safety!

Julie and Mark

Autdesign said...

Joe and Crew,

I ran across the article on the Journal web site. You are all doing a great job. Keep moving forward, we'll be watching closely and rooting for you. What a great way to celebrate Father's Day!

Tim Lucas
MHS '81

Dave B said...

Hi Joe,

I have been following the RAAM website updates and reading your Blog, can't stop looking! Unbelievable how well you're doing in this grueling event. Tom Daufeldt and I have been on the phone, he too is following your progress. Our best to you and the crew. Keep it up!

Dave Breckenfelder

Rita said...

Joe and the support crew. You are all doing a great job. I think maybe you are a bit crazy, Joe, but I still love you.

Aunt Rita

kay ribbink said...

hi, just caught up on how things are, GREAT BIKING JOE!!! you are in our prayers, stay strong!
be blessed, kay (cj office fill in)

dewman said...



I have some pics from the starting line in Oceanside, I will email them to you for your blog

Dewey Altenhofen

kay ribbink said...

I also want to give the support staff a hand of applaudere, "GREAT JOB!!!" keep up the good work - you are all in our prayes..... kay

Dave Humiston said...

Joe, Great job! I know you can finish this thing! I'll worry when you start seeing discarded Power Bars on the road. I want to remind you of a couple things you always told me when we rode together: "Pain tempoary, pride is forever."; "Wow!, this rides a character builder."; and finally,"No really Dave, just a couple more miles to the next stop. Hee Hee Hee!" Joe - just a couple more miles to the finish. Keep pedaling. You and the crew are in my prayers!

Kristin said...

Good luck Joe, you are doing great! Keep up the good work and keep believing in yourself! I will keep the whole "crew" in my prayers

Your long, lost co-worker from Raymond Muscatine,

Kristin Sprague

Dave said...

The Big Dogs are with you Joe! I rode the Kayenta to Medicine Hat route a few years back. I'll get a 100 in for you tomorrow. You aren't missing anything weatherwise!

Dave Parker

Laura Lee said...

Keep up the AWESOME work, JOE and CREW! You have the POWER! You still are "CRAZY" as I have always said, but I am soooo proud!!! You are to be Admired for your many coureagous Talents and Trecherous Paths! Stay Safe! Love and Prayers Go Out to Joe, Connie, Chris, Caleb and Eric! Go TEAM!