Thursday, January 1, 2009

It is Official I'm In

Well the RAW sign-up opened today. If you signed up today you saved $300 and got your name in a drawing for a Titan Flex frame and fork.
I have been able to ride outside two of the last three days and hope to get out a few more times this weekend. Maybe January won't be as bad as December for outside riding and I can start to get in shape.
Reading Paul Carpenter's write up about last year's race has me a little nervous and re-thinking my time goal. There is a lot of climbing that will keep the pace down. I will really have to do some serious hill repeats to be ready.

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pcarpenter said...

Hi Joe,

Good to see you have signed up for RAW! Looking forward to reading about your preparations. If Larry goes to Sebring I think I'll join him. It would be good if you and Wiford go as well. I heard from Bryce Walsh and he is planning to race and will fly down.

While the RAW course shouldn't be taken lightly, looking back my biggest 'regret' is not being more disciplined about time off the bike. That's what can dent your time--more so than the climbing and the heat. Take out my sleep breaks, and I reckon I spent about 8 hours off the bike at various time stations. I estimated that nearly 2 hours was spent at the TS in Prescott. Most of that down time wasn't really 'productive' and fewer and shorter breaks would have knocked hours off my finish time.

Hope to catch up with you out on the road soon, best wishes, Paul.